The Gracan HostedPBX also called CloudPBX is a complete business phones service utilizing the latest telephony technology VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol.

We maintain the equipment host the service and handle all the upgrades for you.

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Cloud PBX

Traditional servers for PBXs are expesive and require expert maintenance but a Cloud PBX uses IP-based telephony to provision and access services, so it is essentially a telephone system that is build, delivered and managed over the Internet.

With a powerful and comprehensive set of features, Cloud PBX offer the ideal solution for businesses facing a distributed workforce or remote worker environment. With many working from home, or anywhere, it makes it easier for the workers to collaborate through voice, Web confrencing and instant messaging at a radically reduced cost and set monthly expense


Don’t throw away money buying large servers, get a Hosted PBX 

The last thing you want to do is spend tens of thousands of Rands on a phone system. With Gracan Hosted PBX, there are no large servers or systems to purchase that losses value over time. Get a new telephone system without huge upfront capital. You will still be to keep your orignal office number.

Hosted VoIP PBX reduces your infrastructure investment
Cloud PBX does not require expensive investments for inhouse installations nor for regular maintenance. There is not always a requirement to purchase physical devices, and costs are governed by a predictable, monthly service fee.

You can create and manage virtual offices, virtual departments, and branches with all the functionality of a physical setup, providing a central ability to create local, national, or even global presence.

Gracan Cloud PBX starts at R69 per month/per extension 

Maintenance and upgrades for free with a Cloud PBX

With Gracan’s Cloud PBX, you can budget your communication services as a predictable monthly expense. There are no added costs for annual maintenance contracts, software upgrades and other system support requirements.

Your business will benefit from the latest features and functionality without having to consider costly hardware updates. Cloud PBX systems are devised for simple administration and easy integration where user features and functionality are added at the tick of a box, rather than lengthy technical support tickets.

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VoIP telephony system is quick to deploy

Focus on your business, not on your phones. Our Cloud PBX is easy to use and quick to implement. The entire installation process can be completed in as little as two or three days.

Gracan Cloud (Hosted) PBX is a service, offering the functionality of a PBX without the need of installing a PBX at the customer’s location. Only VoIP phones need to be installed to deploy a Hosted PBX.

A big advantage is that transitioning to our Hosted PBX system will not cause downtime, and you will be able to keep all of your existing phone numbers. The change over is seamless and can be installed by the customer themselves. Typically, the corporate network administrator performs the installation. Gracan can provide on-site support upon request of all pre-configured material.

VoIP has never been as efficient and easy as it is with Gracan Cloud PBX.