The Gracan Cloud PBX (Hosted PBX) is a complete business phone service utilizing VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. While you’re saving up to 40% on your telephone bill with Gracan VoIP Cloud PBX, you will also be improving your business productivity. We provide a full-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution to communicate effectively with your customers.


What you get with Gracan Cloud PBX?

Our Cloud PBX includes all of the features you would expect from an enterprise class phone system, including: auto attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, call recording and desktop call management.

Users have the ability to add functionality for contact center, voicemail to email and time of day call directing. Finally, each customer gets the industry’s most sophisticated business intelligence package to help them identify key performance indicators to run their business and increase productivity and efficiency.

While the new Cloud PBX comes with all PBX features we deem to be standard, our inclusion of Handset Auto provisioning; a Billing Module and a Call Quality Analysis tool has made a good product great. The fact that it is still a white labelled solution makes this product available to any customer or VoIP provider who wants a business grade telecommunications solution.


Key Features included in Gracan Cloud PBX

Multi-Tenant Pbx+

The Gracan Hive PBX is completely multi-tenant, so each tenant configuration is completely independent from the others.
Through a browser-based interface and because of its Multi-Tenant design easy administration of multiple tenants is made possible.

Handset Auto Provisioning+

This is the action of configuring a phone automatically, by providing only basic information’s. New phones brand and model can be added using the Admin/Provisioning menu.

Billing Module+

Quick and easy access to view and download CDR’s (Call Data Records)

Call Quality Analysis+

Info like the progress time, who hung up, the codec used in the call, the IP of the caller and the called are easily shown few seconds after the call has ended.
A basic MOS calculator is included. The packet jitter and the latency can be easily shown in the graphs.
A basic decoding of the call SIP message is available and it is possible to check a detailed PCAP dump.

White Labelled+

The Hosted PBX Hive service can be provided with your own branding. The tenant administration and user administration interfaces can be customized to provide your company’s unique branding. A simple interface template is available to start your customized services quickly and easily.

Standard Features included in Gracan Cloud PBX

Calling Features+

Caller ID/On Call Waiting: Know who’s calling before you answer

Call Forwarding: Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you don’t miss any calls

Follow Me: Have one of your numbers/extensions ring for a period of time and if unanswered forward to a second number and then third and so forth OR all ring the mall concurrently

Caller ID Based Forwarding: Follow Me Based on number called

Inbound Number Tagging: Tag an inbound caller ID for easy reception management for multiple companies

Call Hold: Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call

Call Transfer: Attended Transfer (alert forwarding party before transfer) & Blind Transfer (transfer the call directly)

Call Conferencing: Join a conference room by dialing a feature code or get transferred in

Call Waiting: Be notified when someone else is trying to call if you are already on a call

Do Not Disturb: Callers go directly to voicemail or call fwd when you don’t want to be disturbed

Call Logs: Access detailed call records by extension or account

Call centre features+

• Queue Handling
• Periodic announcements
• Round robin, extension with least calls, ring all
• and more

Voicemail Features+

• Password Protected Voicemail: Prevent unauthorized access to voicemail
• Voicemail Greeting Options: Unavailable / Personal Message
• Voicemail to Email: Receive voice messages as a wav file (or _audiofile_) attached to an email

Digital Receptionist (IVR) +

Multi level IVR menu management
Manage multiple IVR menus for different Inbound DIDs
• Day and Night Mode Schedule: Create different greetings according to time of day and day of week
• Custom Greetings: Upload third-party professional greetings to use as Digital Receptionist greetings

Hunt Lists/ring groups +

• Ring groups: Simultaneously ring a set of phones based on a DID
• Hunt lists: Set a linear line of ring groups (1 extension or many) for a period of time, before transferring to a second and third ring group etc

Call restrictions+

• Block outgoing calls to specified numbers

Operator Panel+
Queue Manager+
Media Management+

• Custom Music-on-Hold
• Custom Digital Receptionist Recordings
• Custom voicemail messages

Call Recording+

• Blanketor adhoc call recording
• Secure call recording storage
• Archiving call recordings

Report management +

• Real time inbound and outbound call details records
• Outbound call source listed by extension
• Outbound call source lists for virtual extensions

Extension manager +

• Access, search and download call recordings
• Personal profile editing
• Detailed call analytics

UC features in one telephony solution

Gracan Cloud PBX offers a single powerful set of UC features at a really affordable price. No need to spend time trying to figure out some “a la carte” menu of features and pricing. Simply pay one low price and get full control.

Gracan Cloud PBX includes features that not only save you money from your monthly bill, but they also help to increase productivity by saving time, streamlining workflow, capturing essential voice data, and making your operation more efficient. Business VoIP features like the Virtual Receptionists, Voicemail to Email and the ability to work from anywhere increase your employee’s efficiency. Workers can easily collaborate through voice, Web conference, and instant messaging. So you will save more than just a significant portion of your monthly bill – you are saving valuable time and resources that can lead to increased sales.

Gracan Cloud PBX is scalable to your business

Is your business growing, changing and evolving? For most businesses, it has become nearly impossible to make accurate predictions. That is why you need a highly-flexible solution. Gracan’s VoIP Cloud PBX is a sure way to give you the peace of mind that comes from not being constrained by a phone system that only supports a fixed number of employees and can be costly and complicated to expand.

It’s easy to open a new location or add seats to meet short-term or unexpected requirements. New applications are efficiently deployed and managed in the cloud rather than on individual devices. With this flexibility, your business can respond rapidly to new opportunities and changing market conditions. And if resources become squeezed, you can quickly scale back.

Relocate your phone system anywhere easily

Do need to relocate your offices? Or need to provide remote communications to a satellite office? Don’t change your entire telephony system just connect your devices with you. Your telephony system is still in the cloud and follows you everywhere. You can also easily deploy remote workers: VoIP phone systems allow you to pass an office call to your home phone, or to install a softphone on your laptop and work from anywhere. In addition, presence features will let you see which of your colleagues are available at any given time.

Better presence and visibility

Gracan Hosted PBX system allows you to get local phone numbers in cities and countries anywhere in the world. This allows your business to develop your virtual presence by opening a virtual office anywhere. If you want to keep your original numbers, you can simply port it to Gracan as well.

Work with one VoIP Partner instead of multiple vendors

Most traditional PBX deployments involve multiple relationships with multiple vendors that all must be managed by someone in your organization. If something does go wrong with your PBX, it can be difficult to determine which of the vendors is responsible for resolving an issue.

When you choose a Hosted PBX, managed VoIP solution, you only work with one VoIP provider who supplies and looks after the entire solution. This is beneficial because your internal resources are freed up to focus on more strategic operations, you have one vendor to call for help.

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